Risk and Decision Analysis (CE 3890/5999)

Risk quantification, risk perception, probabilistic risk analysis, risk communication, risk attitudes, decision making under uncertainty, utility theory, multicriteria decision analysis, mathematical modeling, simulation, data-driven modeling, Bayesian theory, systems analysis, Monte Carlo simulation, value of information.


Data Analytics for Engineers (CE 3890/5999)

Programming, analysis, and visualization of real data for the purposes of informing decision making in engineering problems. Statistical modeling in a practical and applied perspective; application of data analytics tools to bridge the gap between data and decisions; fundamentals of design of experiments. 


Risk, Reliability, and Resilience Engineering (CE 3300)

Fundamental concepts in probability and statistical inference. Counting methods, discrete and continuous random variables, and their associated distributions. Sampling distributions, point estimation, confidence intervals, and hypothesis testing. Applications of probability and statistics to risk, reliability, and resilience of engineering systems